Club Affiliation

Meet other disc golfers in your area and join the fun at the regular social days.

Healthy clubs will always be where the growth of the sport will come from. Disc Golf Victoria hope to enhance what each individual club will be able to accomplish on their own. Together, we can help take the sport further.

What does being an Affiliated Club mean?

Basically it means that DGV would formally recognise your club as an affiliate of DGV.

The benefits of being affiliated with Disc Golf Victoria include:

  • Promotion of your club through our website and social media

  • Promotion of your events and tournaments through our website and social media

  • Ability to have your tournaments included in the DGV Tour

  • Promotion of your events and tournaments through the DGV Event Calendar

  • Access to all future helpful club resources

  • Assistance with grant applications


We do not want to create extra work for club volunteers, so to qualify for affiliation, each club must:


  • have the primary goal of growing the sport of Disc Golf in Victoria

  • be an Incorporated Association with Consumer Affairs Victoria

To maintain your affiliation you must send DGV your annual report at the end of each year.


We feel that these requirements are things that each club already undertakes, and therefore shouldn’t create extra work for you.


To apply for affiliation, please complete this form.